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Dental Implant

Dental Implant   Implant is drilled into the bony socket to receive a crown or a bridge or a denture. It is permanently anchored with the bone firmly. It has a natural tooth like appearance. With the recent advancements in dentistry, Implant has no age barrier. Hence, Implant is the best treatment alternative to replace missing tooth/teeth.


Missing teeth can avoid facial and speech changes. Missing teeth lead to less food intake, loss of taste which causes gastric disturbance and weight loss. Also, missing teeth is a cause of untold agony such as acute crisis of self-confidence and can have psychological issues like depression. The transition from missing teeth to replacement of missing teeth is not easy for most of the patients. Implant can help you avoid all these problems.


Implants at Belle 32

At Belle 32, Implant surgery is a simple routine chair side procedure which is performed under Local Anaesthesia. It is virtually painless and the patient walks out comfortably after the surgery.

At Belle 32, an experienced Implantologist who has expertise and extensive knowledge of Implant and the anatomy of the human anatomy who are internationally trained do implant placement and perform implant related surgeries. We recommend you to be wise before you select your implantologist.

At Belle 32, we strictly use only internationally approved implant systems which are made in USA and Germany. Hence, we set a higher standard for our patients to benefit them from simple, precise and fast treatment.


The reason why implant should be the first choice of missing tooth/teeth replacement is that unlike Bridge, Implant does not require grinding of healthy tooth enamel and intentional root canals of the neighbouring teeth which are considered as a support for the bridge in order to replace the missing tooth/teeth.



Risks and Complications  

1.    That occur During Surgery such as Excessive Bleeding or Nerve Injury

2.    That occur in the First Six months such as Infection and Osseointegration failure

3.    That occur Long term such as Peri-Implantitis and Mechanical Failures

The long-term success of implant is determined by the forces they have to support. As implants anchorage with the bone, there is no sensation of pressure when biting so the forces created are higher. The location of implants should be such that it distributes the forces evenly across the bridge or denture they support. Concentration of forces at one point can result in fracture of the bridgework, implant components, or loss of bone adjacent the implant. People who have a habit of grinding teeth increase the force on implants and increase the likelihood of failures.



Oral tips for Implant Success

1.    Teeth Brushing twice a day

2.    Flossing after every meal

3.    Quit smoking

4.    Visit us every four months for professional cleaning of teeth

5.    Avoid eating hard foods


Belle 32 Family Dental Clinic is an ultimate choice for Dental Implant Clinic in Andheri West, Mumbai (India) as we believe in providing our patients the best quality at affordable rates. We value the smile of our patients. Keep Smiling!



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