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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry   Cosmetic Dentistry helps in maintaining balance between health, function and appearance for the lifetime by restoring and replacing teeth. Smile enhancement has dramatic results on your overall appearance thus boosting self-esteem, self-confidence and oratory skills.


Cosmetic Dentistry requires a highly personalised approach as smile enhancement is achieved in various cosmetic dental procedures, thus not attracting discount prices and dental insurance.

It is the Time and Expense that one should consider when seeking Cosmetic Dental Treatment. Shortcuts are not permissible in such extensive treatments.


Dr Kruti Dholakia is a Cosmetic Dentist who is well versed, well trained and keeps herself updated with the recent trends in handling easy to challenging cases of Cosmetic Dentistry. She has a team of several Specialists available on-call for the same job. Cosmetic Dentistry demands use of a lot of Technologies, Skill and Art. More than 70% of her dental practice focuses on Cosmetic Dentistry.



Cosmetic Dentistry is achieved with Three R’s

  1. Repositioning
  2. Restoring
  3. Replacement



Repositioning of Teeth is considered as an ideal treatment when teeth are attractive, healthy and when natural teeth are to be kept intact. It may be considered as an ideal option when the bite of the teeth set needs change. The disadvantage is that it is a slow procedure and may require 6 months to 18 months. The final result is a much improved smile with intact natural teeth set.



Restoring teeth includes

  1. Cosmetic Bonding
  2. Cosmetic Crowning
  3. Cosmetic Laminates
  4. Cosmetic Contouring


Cosmetic Bonding, Cosmetic Crowning, Cosmetic Laminates and Cosmetic Contouring are considered when we need to alter the shape, size, colour, alignment and bite of the teeth set in order to close the gaps between teeth, repair fractured or broken teeth, restore decayed and damaged teeth, forwardly placed teeth, backwardly placed teeth, replacement of missing teeth, etc. The end result is a beautiful and proportionate smile, thus imparting self-confidence, self-esteem with good oratory skills to the patient.

Cosmetic Laminates consists of thin veneers of ceramic or composite resin or plastic adhered on the visible surfaces of the front teeth. This requires minimal tooth preparation. It does not make the tooth look bulky when laminates are adhered. 


We at Belle 32 help our patients to achieve the Best possible Smile through Cosmetic Dental treatment within 15 days. A complete Make-over for the patient by enhancing the smile.



Replacement of teeth includes

  1. Implants to replace missing teeth
  2. Bridge to replace missing teeth
  3. Removable acrylic appliances to replace missing teeth

Implants and Bridge are the Fixed options to replace missing teeth. Patient does not have to get into the hassle of removing them while asleep. Patient can comfortably eat with them.

Implant is considered as the most comfortable option. It is considered as the Third Dentition gifted to the patient by Us @ Belle 32.

Removable Acrylic Appliances are cheaper mode to replace missing teeth. It comes with its own price to the patient whereby the patient has to get into the hassles of removing the appliance before going to bed. Also, these appliances demand a lot of care in relation to its cleaning overnight. Patient needs to invest in special denture cleaning tablets, solutions and denture adhesives. It is an additional maintenance to the patient on daily basis. These appliances have a plastic component which is likely to break if it falls.


Get an Anti-Aging look for yourself with Cosmetic Smile Makeover by correcting worn out teeth and drooping smile.



Did you know this?

  1. If you are short, people look at you from above your eye level. Pay attention to your lower teeth.
  2. If you are tall, people look at you from below your eye level. Pay attention to your upper teeth.
  3. The secret behind you getting your new smile lies in complete and detailed communication.
  4. The simplest way to remove stains from your teeth is teeth polishing procedure.
  5. The durability of the Smile Designing treatment is indefinite, but with annual touch ups.
  6. Implants are NOT for everyone. The Gum tissue should be healthy, Patient should not be medically compromised, Patient should not be suffering from uncontrolled diabetes, insulin dependent diabetes, cancer, paralysis, any such medical condition which affects the ability to use hands and arms that is required to maintain Good Oral Care.




  1. Cosmetically bonded surfaces are not as strong as enamel, so try to protect them by eating wisely. Avoid biting down with front teeth, especially on such foods like ribs, hard bagels, apples, ice, peanuts and corn-on-the-cob.
  2. Do not chew ice.
  3. While flossing teeth, pull out floss horizontally and not vertically.
  4. Do not bite fingernails with teeth which have received cosmetic bonding, as the nail biting force can crack the bonding.
  5. Be sure that you do not grind teeth at night as it can damage your cosmetic bonding then in that case please ask us to help you with the Bite Guard.
  6. Do not try your new teeth out too soon. Prefer a soft diet for first 24 hours.
  7. Never get used to a new bite. Consult us for any minutest correction in your bite.
  8. Avoid or minimise the use of coffee, teas, colas, coloured food, grape juices, blueberries, fresh cherries, smoking, etc. as they cause teeth and cosmetic bonding staining.

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