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Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry   Preventive Dentistry is the practise of caring your teeth to keep them healthy and to avoid dental and gum issues in future. A healthy smile is an asset to your personality. Carry it confidently. We understand the value of your teeth.


Preventive Dentistry allows us to Value the asset in the form of Smile gifted to us by the Nature.

Nature has blessed us with a wonderful teeth set whereby the teeth are of different size and shape depending on their position in the mouth.


Importance of Teeth

  1. To foster nutrition through proper chewing
  2. To aid in speech development
  3. Aligns our facial muscles and is responsible to impart shape to our face
  4. Builds self-esteem by providing a beautiful smile
  5. Enables a child to pay attention and learn in school without the distraction of dental pain
  6. Milk teeth saves space in the jaw that is needed for the proper development of the permanent teeth



How to Prevent Tooth and Gum issues?

  1. Appropriate selection of the toothpaste (with different levels of fluoride) for your child which is most age-specific – not practised by most dental offices in India
  2. Teeth brushing twice a day
  3. Bi-annual consultation with us @ Belle 32
  4. Professional teeth cleaning with us @ Belle 32 twice a year
  5. Appropriate selection of tooth brush
  6. Appropriate selection of remineralizing and fluoridated tooth paste
  7. Learning how to clean the mouth of your toddler from us @ Belle 32 in our Natal Care Consultations
  8. Learning correct brushing technique, which is age specific, from us @ Belle 32
  9. Use of tooth floss after every meal
  10. Use of fluoridated mouthwashes when recommended by us @ Belle 32
  11. Follow dental diet as recommended by us @ Belle 32
  12. Use of interdental brushes after every meal
  13. Use of oral irrigators as instructed by us @ Belle 32
  14. Salt water rinsing before sleep
  15. Pit-n-fissure sealant application on non-carious surfaces of the tooth
  16. Good gum care as instructed by us @ Belle 32
  17. Use of space maintainers for children as recommended by us @ Belle 32
  18. Use of Fluoride varnish


Take away Home tips from us @ Belle 32… We are here to serve our patients with an extended hand that helps them in maintaining good oral hygiene and prevents them from taking multiple tedious dental treatment appointments at Belle 32

  1. Inquire for the best suitable tooth brush design to your dentition
  2. Inquire for the best suitable age specific fluoridated and remineralizing toothpaste
  3. Inquire for the  best age specific teeth brushing technique
  4. Inquire for the set of customised combination of methods to prevent tooth decay.

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