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Gum Treatment

Gum Treatment   Gums cover the bone and surround the neck of the tooth. Plaque is a soft deposit biofilm adherent to the tooth surfaces and dental appliances and is a favourable home for the microorganisms to thrive in mouth. If plaque is allowed to remain on the teeth surfaces then it becomes a mineralised hard structure known as Calculus or Tartar.


What is Gum Disease?

Gum Disease is an inflammation of the gums that may progress to affect the bone surrounding teeth. Gum disease is commonly referred to as Periodontal disease in which the tissues surrounding the teeth are affected. It is caused by the collection of the excessive bacteria in the mouth along with their by-products. It is due to the deposition of plaque and calculus on teeth. The three stages of gum disease, from least to most severe, are gingivitis, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis.



How to identify the existence of gum disease in your mouth?

  1. Gum disease is usually painless
  2. Swollen, red, tender and spongy gums
  3. Gums may bleed easily
  4. Gums that have moved away from the teeth
  5. Persistent bad breath
  6. Bad taste in mouth
  7. Loose teeth
  8. Pus surrounding the teeth and gums
  9. Long teeth in appearance



Effects of Gum Disease

  1. On Gums
    1. Recession of Gum tissue
    2. Formation of Gum Pockets
    3. Loosening of Gums
    4. Bleeding Gums
  2. On Teeth
    1. Decay on tooth surfaces where calculus is adherent
    2. Loosening of teeth
    3. Tooth loss
  3. On Bone
    1. Loss of Bone in its three dimensions (minimal loss to extensive loss) resulting in Bad esthetics
    2. Destruction of underlying bone



Take Away Home Tips to Prevent Gum Disease

  1. Tooth brushing twice a day
  2. Appropriate tooth brushing technique
  3. Appropriate flossing technique
  4. Appropriate selection of toothpaste
  5. Appropriate selection of tooth brush
  6. Appropriate selection of tooth floss
  7. Professional teeth cleaning with Dentist twice a year
  8. Professional teeth polishing with Dentist twice a year
  9. Appropriate technique to Gargle mouth
  10. Gum massaging

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Effects of Aging on Gums and Bone

  1. Smooth and thin gums
  2. Loss of elasticity of gums
  3. Thinning of gums
  4. Shrinkage in size of bone
  5. Irregularity in the surface of bone due to continuous deposition of cementum.
  6. Increased plaque accumulation on teeth.

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Classification of Periodontal (gum) diseases by American Academy of Periodontology

  1. Gum disease due to accumulation of Plaque on teeth
  2. Gum disease due to Systemic factors
    1. Associated with Endocrine system
      1. Associated with Puberty
      2. Associated with Menstrual cycle
      3. Associated with Pregnancy
      4. Associated with Diabetes Mellitus
    2. Associated with Blood dyscrasias like Leukemia
  3. Gum disease due to Medications
  4. Gum disease due to Malnutrition
  5. Gum disease of Specific Bacterial origin
  6. Gum disease of Viral origin
  7. Gum disease of Fungal origin
  8. Gum disease of Genetic origin
  9. Gum disease due to Allergies
  10. Gum disease due to Trauma
  11. Gum disease due to Foreign Body Reaction.


*Gum disease when involves <30% of mouth is Localised Gum Disease

*Gum disease when involves >30% of mouth is Generalised Gum Disease



Gum Treatment Procedures

  1. Professional teeth cleaning
  2. Professional teeth polishing
  3. Professional root plaining (deep cleaning)
  4. Gum curettage
  5. Gum surgeries like Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty and Flap surgery

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Inquire for Party Gums

Party gums are Removable, Artificial, Flexible, Gum coloured Interdental plastic Appliance contoured according to the shape of the teeth covering the spaces between teeth. It must be cleaned frequently. Flaunt your Smile!


  Inquire for Tissue Graft Injection

An exclusive and expensive treatment to cover the spaces in between the teeth whereby a tissue graft is injected in the gums where gum loss is observed. Enjoy a Flawless Smile!


Inquire for Gum Coloured Ceramic Fixed Bridge

A Fixed Conventional Ceramic Bridge includes Gum coloured Porcelain in it to mask the spaces in between the teeth. Expect to pay 25% more for your bridge. It is the most economical procedure to mask the black holes in between the teeth.

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