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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment   In Root Canal treatment, the infected nerve or pulp is removed, the tooth canal is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected till tooth swelling and infection disappears, the canal is filled and sealed three dimensionally with gutta-percha and then the tooth chamber is restored with a post obturation restoration and lastly the tooth receives a crown.


“Save A Tooth” helps in

  1. Efficient Chewing
  2. No Gastric derangements due to incomplete chewing of food
  3. Natural Appearance
  4. Natural Sensation of using tooth
  5. Normal Biting force
  6. Protects other teeth from excessive wear and stress 
  7. No loss of bone surrounding the affected tooth
  8. No speech derangements
  9. No esthetic issues
  10. Enjoy eating food

Pulp is the living soft center part of the tooth which consists of nerves, blood vessels, cells and connective tissue.



Causes of Pulp Diseases

  1. Trauma to tooth
  2. Accidental injury to tooth
  3. Sports injury to tooth
  4. Excessive wear and tear of tooth causing Attrition
  5. Excessive wear and tear of tooth causing Abrasion
  6. Tooth Erosion
  7. Crack Tooth Syndrome
  8. Barodontalgia
  9. Heat from Cavity preparation
  10. Galvanic current flow from dissimilar metallic fillings
  11. Frictional heat caused by excessive polishing of tooth filling
  12. Exothermic heat release while cement sets or hardens in tooth
  13. Conduction of Heat and Cold in Deep filling cases
  14. Certain Chemicals like Phosphoric acid and Acrylic monomers
  15. Direct Bacterial invasion of pulp from decay or trauma
  16. Microbial colonization in pulp by blood borne microorganisms called as Anachoresis.



With Recent Advancements, Root Canal Treatment is

  1. Simple
  2. Safe
  3. Speedy
  4. Saves tooth
  5. Systematic
  6. Single appointment procedure, if possible
  7. Most Comfortable
  8. Accurate and Precise
  9. Economical
  10. Almost Painless



Myths and Facts about the Root Canal Treatment

1. Root canal treatment is Painful – With the advancements in Root Canal Treatment and anaesthetics, the procedure has become almost painless. On removal of the damaged tissue of the tooth during root canal treatment, the pain completely subsides.

2. It is better to knock out the tooth than performing root canal treatment of the affected tooth – Saving your Natural tooth is always the best option as you would not loose normal sensation while using the tooth and no change in the appearance of the face. Natural tooth always have more capacity to bear occlusal or eating force in comparison to any artificial mode of tooth replacement.

Always remember, your natural teeth are the God’s gift to you. Wear them. Flaunt them. The replaced teeth or artificial teeth given to you are your Dentist’s gift to you. Be Wise to opt the most appropriate option for yourself.

3. Root canal treatment is costly – Here, we take a stand to inform you that saving your decayed natural tooth costs far less than getting it extracted and replacing it with different modes available. Also, keep in mind that you do not lose your natural tooth. It is definitely worth the cost. The money you spend for your root canal treatment is to preserve your God’s precious gift.

4. Root canal treatment do not work – In about 85% of cases, root canal treatment lasts a lifetime. If a root canal treatment is done properly in a 3 dimensional way, then it definitely lasts a lifetime! No doubt in it. Later in life, when something is wrong with the tooth due to decay or trauma or gum infection, the nerve may give pain. Here, pain is therefore a defence mechanism that alarms a person to seek help.

5. Root canal kills the tooth – We rather have a different perception to the same concept. Root canal treatment cleans and disinfects the inside of the tooth to allow it to heal after complete removal or debridement of the damaged tissues. Extracting a damaged tooth is more lethal than saving the tooth. Be Wise in deciding the appropriate treatment for your tooth.

6. It is necessary to take powerful painkillers after or during a root canal treatment – you need not opt for powerful painkillers for the root canal treatment. Rather, we insist our patients to take ordinary and common painkillers only when they face discomfort, definitely not as a routine.

7. Teeth undergoing Root canal treatment often need a crown – It is not a Thumb rule for a root canal tooth to receive a crown. In cases where there were wide and big cavities or wide and big fillings, the root canal treated tooth needs a crown.

8. Root canal treatment is lengthy and needs several appointments – Today, root canal treatment takes from an hour to two. It can be performed in single appointment to two appointments in our clinic, depending upon the condition of the tooth and number of root canals inside the tooth.

9. A failed root canal treated tooth should always be extracted – Knowing that the success rate of root canal treatment is 85%, the remainder cases may cause pain and discomfort to the patient. In such cases, do approach us at the earliest and we will get the best possible treatment done for you from our experienced set of Endodontists. 

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