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Sports Dentistry

Sports Dentistry   The role of the dentist is to help avoiding dental injuries. In contact sports recognition of the dental injury and expertise in immediate management of dental injuries form the basis of Sports Dentistry.

The common Orofacial Injuries include

  1. Soft Tissue Injury
  2. Hard Tissue Injury

    1. Dental Injury
      1. Intrusions
      2. Luxations
      3. Crown and/or Root Fractures
      4. Complete Avulsions
    2. Facial Bones
    3. Dental - Facial Fractures

Our face is the most vulnerable area of the body and is the least protected body part. Sports related facial injuries account for 8% of facial soft tissue injuries while 11-40% involves the face. These injuries are due to direct hits with object-to-player or player-to-player contacts.



Protective Devices in Sports Dentistry

The most important aspect in preventing sports-related orofacial injuries is wearing basic protective devices such as properly-fitting helmets, facemasks and/or mouth guards. Perhaps the single most important piece of oral/facial protective equipment is a properly fitted mouth guard. Mouth Guards should be worn when there is a possibility of body-to-body or body-to-equipment contact. Mouth Guards help prevent injuries to the teeth, lips, gingiva, tongue, and mucosa. They cushion the blows that could cause jaw fractures, dislocations, and trauma to the temporomandibular joint. Mouth Guards also aid in reducing the likelihood of concussion by maintaining a separation between the head of the mandibular condyle and the base of the skull.



Mouth Guard – Significance in Sports Dentistry

Most of the sports have potential for Dental Trauma. Therefore every player should consider the use of Mouth Guard while participating in such sports. Mouth Guards help in protecting an individual player from their competitor players and the sport object. Mouth Guards can be used by all age group players, any gender and in all such sports whereby the possibility with the sports object and the contact with the competitive players exists.


Types of Mouth Guards

  1. Stock Mouth Guard
  2. Mouth formed Mouth Guard
  3. Tailor made Mouth Guard

Amongst all the above types of Mouth Guards, Tailor Made Mouth Guard is the best suitable Mouth Guard. They are made and fitted by the Dentist according to the measurements of the mouth of the player. They are customised and hence are called as Tailor Made Mouth Guards or Custom Made Mouth Guards. Its precise fit provides greatest protection from object-to-player injuries and player-to-player injuries. In Dental Laboratories these mouth guards are made by Pressure Laminate Technique. It is the most affordable option.


The combined use of Mouth Guard and Face Guard prevents the Orofacial and Dental Injuries. Face and Mouth Protection is by far the Best contribution of the Dentistry in Sports Medicine.


Therefore, the Belle 32 team actively participates in Sports Preventive Programs and Consultations to prevent such Sport related Dental Injuries. The use of Mouth Guard protects injuries to the Teeth, lips, Cheeks and Tongue. While the Face Guard protect the Neck, Head Jaw and Face Injuries.

Many of the athletes and sports players are not aware of the Health Implication of the Sports Injuries. The head injury may lead to Concussions, Haemorrhage, Coma or may be Death in the worst circumstances.


We feel that it is our Moral and Ethical Responsibility towards Our Beloved Sports Community to help them play Sports Safely.


The Athletic Trainers, Sports Administrators and Sports Coaches should consider the type of sports, the previous medical history of the athlete and the player to make the use of the Mouth Guard and Face Guard Mandatory in order to reduce the probability of Head Concussions and Death.

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