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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover   Smile Designing creates a positive change to both teeth and smile. It helps in maintaining balance between health, function and appearance for the lifetime by restoring and replacing teeth. Smile Designing is all about combination of Smile Makeover procedures. All the teeth that fall in the Smile Zone are included in Smile Designing cases.


Smile Designing requires a highly extensive personalised approach whereby the Smile Designing Dentist flaunts the knowledge, recent technologies, skill, art and precise mechanics, thus not attracting discount prices and dental insurance. 

Keep in mind, the obvious Distortions in your Smile diminish when More Teeth are treated.

It is the Time and Expense that one should consider when seeking Smile Makeover Treatment. Shortcuts are not permissible in such extensive treatments.



Reasons to come and visit us at Belle 32 Family Dental Clinic

Dr Kruti Dholakia is an avid Smile Designing Dentist who is well versed, well trained and keeps herself abreast with the recent trends in handling easy to challenging cases of Smile Designing. She has a team of several Specialists available on-call for the same job.

We at Belle 32 perform Smile Designing when we need to alter the shape, size, colour, positon, alignment, restore and bite of the teeth. It is indeed a durable and long lasting treatment option. 

We consider all the Golden proportion principles of Facial and Dental Aesthetics along with the Ancillary principles of Facial and Dental Aesthetics. We walk an extra mile in blending all the Dental principles with the Facial principles. This separates us from the rest of the clinics that practice Smile designing. This helps us to give the Best possible results to our patients.

We work as a team in correcting and checking the BITE OF THE TEETH for our patients. This also separates us from the rest of the dental clinics practising Smile Designing. The BITE is IMPORTANT to avoid any future problems with the TMJ disorders. This occurs due to Disharmony between the joints and it’s use during jaw movements. Let this disharmony be slightest but which is not tolerate by you. Such problems usually go unforeseen by dentists and can initiate muscle spasms, and TMJ discrepancy. Also, presence of TMJ Disorders may result in excess wear of your teeth due to BITE Discrepancy.  



Smile Designing Brief Consultation

  1. In a slight smile with teeth parted, are the tips of your upper teeth visible?
  2. Do you feel that your upper two front teeth are larger than the adjacent teeth?
  3. Do you feel that your upper two front teeth are too wide?
  4. Do you see that your upper front six teeth are even in height?
  5. Do you have gaps between your two upper front teeth?
  6. Do you see your upper front teeth protruding out?
  7. Do you see your upper front teeth are crowded?
  8. Do you see your lower front teeth are crowded?
  9. Do you see any of your front teeth overlapping the other teeth?
  10. Are you happy with the colour of your teeth when you smile?
  11. Are you happy with the placement or position or alignment of your front teeth?
  12. Are you happy with the shape and size of your teeth?
  13. When you smile with teeth apart, do your gums show?
  14. Do you have sharp teeth?
  15. Do you have small teeth?
  16. Do you have long teeth?
  17. Do you have too rounded teeth?
  18. Do you have flat teeth?
  19. Do you see white or brown spots on your teeth?
  20. Do you see that your teeth are darker?
  21. Do you have straight front teeth?
  22. Do the tooth coloured fillings in your front teeth match the colour of your teeth?
  23. Do the tooth coloured caps or bridge on your front teeth match the colour of your teeth?
  24. Do you see your back teeth stained or dark coloured?
  25. Do you see any ditch like formation on the visible surface of your teeth around its neck (at gum level)?
  26. Do you see your gums red coloured?
  27. Do you see your gums pointed or rounded?
  28. Did you realise that your gums have receded?
  29. Is your gum curvature half-moon shaped at the junction with tooth?
  30. Do you see black holes between teeth?
  31. Is your mouth free from gum disease and tooth decay?
  32. When you smile, how much of your upper teeth show?
  33. When you smile, how much of your lower teeth show?
  34. How many upper teeth are seen while smiling wide?
  35. How many lower teeth are seen while smiling wide?
  36. Do you see the midline of teeth matches with the midline of the face?
  37. Do you see crack lines on your teeth?
  38. Do your teeth chip easily?
  39. Do you keep complaining of teeth sensitivity?
  40. Are you consuming medicine like tetracycline that stains your teeth permanently from within?
  41. Do you want lighter teeth?
  42. Presence of any Mandibular and Maxillary Torus that interferes with the Braces treatment?
  43. Presence of any Medical Critical Illnesses that interferes with the placement of Implants?
  44. Presence of any Facial abnormality that interferes with any other mode of dental treatment?
  45. Do you have collapsed bite or closed bite?
  46. Do you have cross bite?
  47. Do you have open bite?
  48. Do you have sufficient overbite?
  49. Do you have sufficient overjet?
  50. Do you have tongue thrusting habit?



Did you know this?

  1. If you are short, people look at you from above your eye level. Pay attention to your lower teeth.
  2. If you are tall, people look at you from below your eye level. Pay attention to your upper teeth.
  3. The secret behind you getting your new smile lies in complete and detailed communication.
  4. The simplest way to remove stains from your teeth is teeth polishing procedure.
  5. The durability of the Smile Designing treatment is indefinite, but with annual touch ups.


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