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Teeth Jewellery

Teeth Jewellery   BE A SHOW STOPPER ON EVERY SPECIAL DAY! Tooth Jewellery is the latest in-fashion accessory today. Tooth Jewels are glass crystals designed specifically for dental use. The crystals have a special coating on their back which enables good bonding with teeth and their facet cut reflects the light and allows it sparkle like a Diamond.


Tooth Jewellery is the newest trend. Unlike other dental clinics, we do not drill the tooth enamel to set the tooth jewel in it. Rather, we simply bond the tooth jewel to the enamel of the tooth with the help of its adhesive (similar to braces).



We keep certain criteria in mind to select the tooth jewel like

  1. Size of the teeth jewel
  2. Number of teeth jewel
  3. Colour of the jewel
  4. Your skin tone
  5. Shape of your face 
  6. The tooth to receive the jewel
  7. The colour of your outfit
  8. Your smile zone, etc…



Teeth jewellery procedure is a Hot Selling Cake because

  1. Painless
  2. Temporary
  3. No drill work
  4. Harmless to tooth Enamel
  5. Fun
  6. Cosmetic makeover

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