Do you want replacement of your missing teeth???

Here is the solution to your problem.

Dentures are considered as the Artificial Dentition given to you by us. It is a Man-Made Dentition that the patient enjoys. You can eat food comfortably with the help of your denture.

Dentures may be Removable and Fixed. They may also be Partial Denture or Complete Denture.

Removable Dentures are worn the complete day and removed in the night time while the Fixed Denture stay fixed in your mouth for the rest of your life. The Partial Denture is the denture that replaces few missing teeth while Complete Denture replaces all the missing teeth.

The denture may be made for the upper and lower arch. They take support of your jaw bone and gums for stability, while in case of partial denture the remaining teeth may also add additional anchorage.

Denture can help patients through:

  1. Mastication by helping in enjoying the crushing and grinding of the food, thus avoiding gastric problems in old people
  2. Aesthetics by providing support to your lips and cheek
  3. Speech by making pronunciation better
  4. Self-esteem and self-confidence by replacing the missing teeth set


*Inquire for Flexible Denture*

Flexible Dentures are widely considered as the most Comfortable denture. It can be made very quickly with innovations in Digital Technology. They are becoming much more popular due to their aesthetic qualities. They are made to avoid the use of metal clasp thus preventing damage to the existing neighbouring teeth. They are beautifully crafted which brings an additional expense for its fabrication. They are fabricated by Injection Moulding Technique and hence are most precise in fit.

*Inquire for Fixed Denture*

The Fixed Denture is fitted with the adhesive over the Implants placed in your mouth. Such dentures are rightly called as Implant Supported Denture. Implant supported denture is the most comfortable denture from the patient’s perspective as they are fixed to the teeth and give the feeing of the natural teeth set.

Complications involved:

  1. Soreness in mouth – Dentures may ulcerate the skin of the mouth. These ulcers may be painful. Application of necessary gum ointment may help to relieve the discomfort.
  2. Initial Slurry speech – Initially, when you start wearing the denture, you may complain of slurry speech. Such speech discomforts get automatically corrected with time. While wearing the denture get into the habit of talking. The rest will fall into its place.
  3. Initial Discomfort in Eating – This problem will sort once you start eating with your denture. Always prefer to eat soft food till you get used to your denture and till your denture gets used to your eating habits and masticatory load. Then shift to regular food or hard food.
  4. Unclean dentures can lead to mouth infection which may be bacterial or fungal. It is advisable to clean the dentures with its cleansing tablet and mild soap as recommended by us.
  5. Acrylic allergycan cause redness in the skin of the mouth which the denture takes support. Inquire us for the relief at 9819188371 or consult us at Belle 32 Dental Clinic.